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This idea started when I sought warm clothes for Northern Ontario winters!


I chanced upon a company producing 100% merino wool garments. Not only warm but soft, stink-free, comfortable – sublime!

Why had I been wearing cotton for so long? You can`t wear a cotton shirt for 2 weeks stink free without washing. But you can with these.

So why not a whole closet full of them?

Full of natural, temperature regulating, eau de b.o.-less clothing. Clothing you don`t have to think about and care for. Clothing that cares for you!

In starting down the natural fibre route we might as well keep on going and find a natural way to achieve colour, to enhance our already wonderfulness

So here was I educated, contented and well clothed.

I wish I had of known this sooner!

But you can`t know if you don`t find out.

So here you are my friend…

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