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The merino wool in question could not be duplicated. It was also far too casual for the wide range of places and situations you need your clothes to show up for.

So what to use instead?

In searching for a fabric that could be built into anything for any situation I chanced upon nuno felting. Nuno from the Japanese for fabric or cloth. This method gets wool, a wonderful fibre, to be friends with silk, yet another wonderful fibre, forever. Together they hug you with their wonderfully performance ready selves. What kind of performance?

Silk, the base of the fabric, is a glorious fibre. It keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer. No matter the climate it can be quite at home and comfortable. Your skin can breathe while in it and it’s considered hypoallergenic. And, just in case, it`s a natural fire retardant. You never know.

Wool contains all of the benefits listed above and also has naturally high UV protection, far above that of synthetics and cotton.

Both are 100% natural fibres, renewable and biodegradable. What`s not to love?

Fabric – check!

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