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Natural fibres deserve natural dyes.

Plus they`re just so incredibly beautiful.

 So the search began for a natural way to infuse the fabric with it`s own special something. Something that would suit the `natural` theme emerging and that would be just plain beautiful.

Amazingly enough there are so many options for dyeing cloth naturally, even here in Northern Ontario. In researching sources for colour I realized they`re basically all around you. In the garden, your next walk in the woods or through a field. And I don`t just mean the beautiful plant life. The garbage is something that interested me more. Rusty chunks of metal not only provide you with interesting dye potential but also with a mordant. What a bonus!

Here are a few of my findings for my own backyard


Colour Provided

Dianthus flowers


Onion skins

Shades of red through brown

Purple sandcherry

blues and purples depending

Purple basil


Red sumac berries

reds and browns

Red cabbage


Hollyhocks fresh or dried

a wide variety of shades

Dandelion roots


Pokeweed berries




Rose hips

reds or pinks

Iris roots

greys and black

Queen anne`s lace


Lily of the valley


This is only a very short list of things I know are in my area. I can`t wait to try them out!

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