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Freeform Crochet Scarf out of Vintage Cotton

Long hours in front of the computer or scrunched up scribbling during the research process often made my brain feel like squish. So I had to take a break now and then to actually do something and give my brain a rest.

I had been working on a bit of freeform crochet for a creative outlet.

My motherinlaw gave me some lovely vintage Phildar cotton from France. The colour is absolutely fantastic. I wanted to make a version of a scarf I had seen in Slovenia, a country well known for their beautiful lace. The only problem is that I can`t ever seem to make a pattern come out right and I really didn`t want to ruin this wonderful gift.

In looking around for other options I chanced upon freeform crochet. How can you go wrong when there really are no rules and no pattern? It was perfect.

The cotton is so thin that my hands would ache after working on it for awhile so it took me about 6 months to complete it. But finally I did and am very pleased with the end result. 

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