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sool start

All of this research made me want to start doing.


I was looking for a new business adventure and this seemed a lovely idea. Learn something new, create something that is from sustainable and natural sources and provide a service for those who love the process but not the work.

Dharma, a lovely site online, has a wide variety of silks and roving to choose from to get you started in nuno felting. With all the different varieties it was hard choosing what exactly I wanted and how much.

A proper business plan involves start up so $100 was allotted to sool investment and the fabrics and roving were chosen.

Silk twill, for good wear, for 1 dress and 1 tunic, maybe even a skirt, we’ll see what we can get. Then flat crepe for the skirt if there’s not enough of the twill and for the scarves/wraps.

Straight wool was the staring point for the roving but the alpaca and camel are calling my name. Doesn’t camel roving just sound lovely to you?

Now onwards to the felting…

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