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Here is my shipment from Dharma – my silk and roving.

For reference this is 16 oz of wool roving.

I’m not sure exactly how much this is going to felt. I think it depends a lot on how thick you want the felting to be. It is so lovely and soft. Roving is a particularly happy thing.

Then there is 4 yards of silk twill and 4 yards of flat crepe. The silk twill seems a good sturdy fabric which is what I wanted for good wear. I so hate when you find something lovely but it wears out super fast! The flat crepe has the most lovely sheen on it that I hope will still show through when the felting is complete.

I also received a free gift from Dharma as it was my first purchase. I opted for a silk habotai scarf that I thought I could practise my felting on. Pondering whether or not I should dye the silk first and then felt it, and maybe even dye it again, or dye the roving separately, or felt it all and dye it. So many options!

And of course what to use for dye stuffs? Though many of you may be experiencing the beginnings of spring and crocuses, we still have 2 feet of snow on the ground and are always expecting more. Blizzards on May 31st are not unheard of!

Plus some of my friends want to help out, and try their hand at it, so I may end up waiting for them to help out. It’s always so exciting learning something new and sharing it with someone. 

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