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A Big Demi Year

Busy doing too many things at once!

My parents have challenged us to A Big Year with some of our friends which should be a very nice way to get outside and enjoy the lovely weather we are looking forward too, now that it looks like Spring may be arriving.

Didn’t get a chance to felt anything this weekend. Had a friend over and we were both just too tired with doing other things.

But I have been doing some more research.

Apparently the Cache Bay Wetlands, on Lake Nippissing, 5 minutes away from us are one of the best places to see lots of different water fowl during the Spring Migration.

There are, depending on where you look, just over 200 or just over 300 different species you could see in Ontario. Some of them were quite rare though so I doubt we’ll see those.

It’s a demi year because we’re starting late. March 21st – September 21st will be our time frame. My husband isn’t expecting too much. He says he’ll be happy to spot 50 different species but I’m hoping we get a higher number than that.

We’ll have to see.

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