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Black Bean Dye Continued

To continue the Black Bean Dye escapade…

I thought I should boil it, I had read lots about boiling or steaming to darken the color and help it hold. Don’t have a steamer so couldn’t do that. I do have some of my rusty bits for mordanting but seeing as I don’t have a “mordant pot” yet I thought, better not contaminate the cookware.

I had read that with plant fibres like cotton tannins help to hold the colour so I put the dish cloth, bean water and a tea bag into a little pot on the stove. It never did quite get to boiling because after a half hour when I checked it the whole mess was ugly brown!!!!

Oh no!!!

I had remembered the same thing happening to the Hot Black Beans when heated. But there was still ever so slightly a purpley hue so I thought I might as well leave it overnight and see what happens.

This morning I rinsed out the cloth and let it dry. Amazingly enough, the color is lovely.

I can’t wait to try black bean dye on my silks, properly mordanted.

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