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Plunged into dyeing.

Mordanted my flat crepe silk with alum and then started in.

For the Dharma scarf I had frozen some different flowers – pansies, irises, forget-me-nots, petunias, tulips, etc. Also added some whole green tea leaves and eucalyptus{not sure the genus} that had been soaking for about a week {I had kind of forgotten about it}. And my rusty bits.

Then the flat crepe had the same frozen flowers, eucalyptus, green tea and also the remains of a bouquet someone had given us in the winter when we were sick. I had saved the petals in leaves. Also some dried leaves from the garden – wild rose, balsalm poplar, birch, willow, raspberry and I can’t remember what else.

Steamed it for about an hour in my makeshift steamer – enamelled pot with hunk of iron in the bottom to stop the fabric from actually sitting in water.

Let it cool completely and then unrolled it all, had read somewhere that rust remaining on fabric can ruin it. Not sure how long it takes so thought i should pull them to bits sooner than later.

Very lightly dyed but some lovely leaf prints that I’m very pleased with and some lovely purples. Not sure the colorfastness though. We’ll have to see.

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