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Bundle the First

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Took one piece 15 x 45 and spritzed it all over with half and half vinegar and water.

Then I sprinkled frozen purple irises, pansies and tulips, fresh purple columbine and blue lupins, dried rose hips, grape hyacinths and wild grapes and rusty bolts, washers and nuts through it. The piece was folded in half and rolled round a giant hunk of rusted iron.

This was steamed for an hour in water with a splash of vinegar in my handy dandy steamer with the other bundles.

Pictures of the piece are wet and dry but not rinsed yet. I’m kind of afraid to loose all that lovely colour :)

Sidepoint: I expected the iris to make a lovely purple as it was an incredible dark purple iris. It did not though, well, not what I expected. It’s still a gorgeous colour but more blue/green and I wonder if this doesn’t have something to do with the fact that the silk was mordanted in alum. In reading about how to make ink with iris – what a lovely thought, notes written in that purple of an ink! – I came across this post that explained that iris with alum makes iris green an ancient and highly prized ink colour.

Rather cool that my silk is dyed with it I think!

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