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  1. My wife would love this. Are you selling these? Does the colour wash out?

    • I’m still at the dyeing stage, though once I’ve hemmed some of the silk pieces they will be available for sale as scarves and wraps in sool store.
      When the pieces are finished the color won’t wash out. In the initial stages of the process though some dye does wash out.
      The Dharma scarf{see post for June 22} is a perfect example. Some color did wash out once rinsed but the scarf on completion still retains quite a bit of the color and has morphed beautifully. Notice the last 3 pictures in the post – these were taken after the scarf was rinsed. The color is still intense but has lost some of the vibrant blue green and become a little more subtle.
      I think that’s what I’m enjoying most with the natural dye method – Watching things change before my eyes and seeing the results of different variants and additions. It’s an amazing process! Thanks for your interest.
      Keep the questions coming.


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