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While on one of our birding expeditions – we’re up to 107 species – I found this tree in a clearing.

This tree and I are old friends, though I haven’t yet ascertained it’s name.

I grew up on a dirt road in the country, outside of town. My grandpa had bought a tree farm and portioned off lots for my Dad and Mum and Aunt and Uncle. We all lived in a row on the north side of this little country line and in front of us was county land which had been part of a reforestation effort.

My cousins and I had viewed the whole lovely area as ours to play in as we grew up. Through our rambles we came to know many of the flowers, plants and trees in the vicinity.

This particular tree was always special though. We were used to the regular big pine cones, we had even had one of the pines near our house flower and that was pretty cool. But this tree was soft, not pokey, and had lovely little pine cones, little like us. And that was just plain cool!

When I saw the tree, all of a sudden in front of me – I had been distracted by a rabbit in the clearing – I had to smile.

This was a tree of wonderful, sunny memories, full of laughter and good times. It was nice to stand there and get to know it again.

But I still don’t know it’s name.

Do you?

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  1. That’s a tamarack!

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