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AS you may already know I’ve been suffering with a head cold this week.

It should be illegal to get sick in the summer!

But to cope with it I made the best sickness fighting soup I’ve ever concocted.

Last winter my husband and I were both sick and cranky and needed some really good chicken soup but we felt like something a little more exciting… and hot!

This is what happened.


We minced

1 head of garlic and

1 large onion and

1 large chunk of ginger.

In a large saucepan we added a shlook of peanut, sesame and chili oil.

In went the garlic, onions and ginger to saute for about 2 minutes.

2 bunches of green onions were sliced and added.

1 tbsp of red curry paste, or roasted red chili paste and

1 heaping tbsp of black bean and garlic sauce were also added.

Everything gets stirred around to a lovely sticky mess and then add

5 cups of homemade chicken stock and

a dash of salt and pepper.

Bring this to a boil. Then add

3 cups baby bok choy sliced.

Allow to boil for 2ish minutes to semi-cook the bok choy and meld everything together.

Serve piping hot and enjoy!

A friendly word of warning: You may choke and sputter and your nose will run like a tap but you’ll feel great. We promise :)

Oh, we call it…


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  1. This sounds delicious – I’ll have to try, although it sounds more like a fall or winter dish for us! But I’ve got all the ingredients at hand, except bok choy…. so it might happen sooner.

  2. deedeemallon

    Oh my! I have a summer cold, too – I sure wish I could have had a bowl of this! Sounds JUST like what the doctor ordered.

  3. Dear Beth: I,m a newby at this blog thing, so what is a shlook? Gramma:-)

    • I love you Gramma! You made me smile.

      A “shlook” is an indefinite amount of something. Also known as a “glug”, “dash” or “squirt” depending on the item.

      If I’m making a single recipe of chocolate chip cookies I add a shlook of vanilla – maybe a tsp or 2. If I’m making a double batch I still add a shlook of vanilla, but, it’s more in line with a double batch quantity.

      With this recipe I’m thinking a tbsp-ish of each. Enough to sautee the onions. garlic and ginger.

      Shlooks are very personal. Each person’s shlook is a different quantity that works with their cooking :)

      I hope you like the soup.


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