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I wish I could describe to you just how incredible the smell of this jasmine is. It fills the room and makes me smile. And it’s been blooming for weeks. Non stop loveliness!

I didn’t realize at first that you need to stop watering them for them to bloom. Really. Let them dry out a bit, not wilting dead, but just dried out and then water them again. You’d be amazed! Well, maybe not if you already knew that trick.

It is wonderful!

We are finally sort of settling in. The chickadees have found the bird feeder I put out for them. We’re trying out one of those finch feeders too with nyger seed and we’ve had a female purple finch so far but that’s it. The problem with being in town, and on a busy street I guess.

I crocheted myself a new pair of slippers. My sister says they are psychedelic Peter Pan feet. I’ll have to take pictures and write up the pattern. Soon. When I have a chance. We just got internet installed here yesterday. There was a waiting list, how weird is that? But I’m not used to this small of a town, this far North so maybe this is common. There really are some cute spots here, and for anyone who knows the Polar Bear Express, this is where it starts.

Can’t wait to get at the silk. I hope the projects will form as I can see them in my head. That’s the tricky part. 

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