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Crab Apple Butter-ish

I thought I’d share some of the preserving recipes I’ve fiddled with over the last little bit of autumn mayhem and madness.

A new friend gave me two giant boxes of crab apples. I’d never made anything with them and didn’t really feel like trying a jelly in the chaos of a newly moved into house so I thought I’d try something easy that I could make up as I went along.

First off I consulted my loverly Women’s Home Companion Cookbook circa 1945.

It teaches you how to make such things as lettuce ladies and the joys of canning.

So I grabbed a syrup, boiled my crab apples in it and made a lovely tart/sweet crab apple butter that can be put on scones or beside roast chicken.

I love this stuff but I will warn you in advance, this is labour intensive and unless you really like the flavour it’s not worth the work.

Crab Apple Butter-ish

1 1/2 cups white sugar {brown works in a pinch but it’s not as pretty}

1 1/2 cups water

60 crab apples

Mix sugar and water in saucepan and place on medium heat. Stir the sugar to dissolve but stop stirring once in starts to boil. Allow to boil undisturbed for 5 minutes. Remove from heat.

This is your “thick syrup”.

While your syrup is boiling cut 20 crab apples in half and core them {a grapefruit spoon works wonders for coring fruit}. Place in syrup and bring back to a boil for 1 minute. While this is going on continue to half and core another 20.

Strain the crab apples out of the syrup and place in a clean quart mason jar.

Put the syrup back on the heat and add the next 20 crab apples. Repeat the process of straining and put in the last 20 crab apples. Cook as per previous instructions and strain into your mason jar.

I found that a quart jar would only fit about 60, sometimes less, and that was all the syrup could handle before it had really thickened.

When all of your cooked crab apples are in the jar pour the remaining syrup over top and pop it in the fridge. You can can {:)} this stuff as well if you want to, or, to make it last longer without canning leave some room at the top of your jar for expansion and freeze it.

The colour is gorgeous, I find the flavour wonderful and I’m sure you will enjoy it if you like your preserves not-too-sweet. 

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