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Roasted Tom

I had said the Black Olive Tapenade would be the recipe this week but then I thought maybe I should give you a run down of the bits that go into it first and then give you that recipe.

Not that it’s tricky or anything, it just has many parts that require a bit of work before you put them all together.

First up my new favourite thing!

Roasted Tom


Amazingly simple and yet so very yummy. We were watching a Restaurant Takeover at a friend’s house awhile ago and they were making a pizza sauce. Corbin suggested roasting the toms first in order to get a super flavourful sauce. I had done slow roasted toms before because of a book by Skye Gyngell “A Year in My Kitchen”. Many people found the book a bit pretentious, I thought it was beautiful and the Toolbox section is valuable.


I usually grab a bag or 5 of those reduced toms on the 50% off rack at the grocery store. You want them good and ripe but not smooshy. Garden toms are of course so much better but I only had enough for one tray full of those lovingly gleaned from friends.



Wash up your toms {they can get a bit wet in those bags}.

Slice in half and take out the stem remains.

Arrange willy nilly on a cookie sheet, tightly packed.

Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle on coarse salt and fresh ground pepper.


{Aside: I had always used table salt, growing up, at my parent’s place. Most normal households have salt shakers full of regular old table salt. But one day, after I was married, I ran out. We were having a tight week so I looked in the cupboard and there was some coarse salt, or pickling salt. Salt is salt right?


After cooking for about 3 years now with coarse salt you realize the huge difference in saltness.

Table salt permeates everything with an ubiquitous salt taste.

Coarse salt allows the food to retain it’s own flavour and then adds, in little crunchy wonders, that splash of salt flavour. It’s a party in your mouth.

Never again shall I return to drab old table salt!}

Place your Toms in the oven just before bed and put the temperature at 170.

Go to sleep.

Next morning you will have lovely slow roasted toms.


Depending on the size they can turn into sun dried toms too. I had a batch of little ones and I shouldn’t have left them in that long. Though they made some nasty rapini I foolishly purchased a little more palatable.

If you don’t want to leave them in overnight you can roast them for 5 or 6 hours at 200. And yes, they do need that much time to turn out as beautifully as they can be.

I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Next up: What you need to put in the oven with your Toms for a super yummy Tapenade.

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  2. Hi Beth I really enjoyed your Tom rrecipe, I am sure Jim will love them! \i too love roasted garlic, Ursula & I make roasted garlic soup using 6 heads of garlic….it is to live for!! We enjoy reading your blogs & miss u terribly!hope to see u soon…Linda

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