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Wovember Musings

Reading through the Wovember site got me thinking about the beauties of all natural fibres all over again.

A concept that showed up throughout the site was developing mindfulness when it comes to what we put on. A slow wardrobe as one of the authors put it. I appreciated the idea behind it. Because clothing today seems to be inseparably attached to “fashion” in all it’s throw away glory.

Sarai Mitnick over at Colette Patterns wrote about it just the other day in her post about the search for novelty. In a never ending quest for reinvention we purchase a shocking quantity of clothing that we wear once or twice. We thought that said piece of clothing would make us feel: better, smarter, prettier, younger, skinnier, or whatever else we had just been fed by the media that we needed to be.

But, unfortunately, with cheap and trendy fashion that feeling isn’t meant to last. You need something newer to make you feel good again. And so we produce ridiculous amounts of textile waste. And we don’t feel good about our self.

This idea of the slow wardrobe has incredible potential when you really look at it. If you only purchased high quality, well made, sustainable clothing that made you look and feel fantastic, for yourself, regardless of trends or what the media has to say, then it would not simply be a fleeting feeling. You could, and would, be able to feel good about it for decades.

Like Susan Gibbs 20 year old sweater 

20 year old sweater

Or Kate Davies 70 year old sweater

Kate Davies Sweater from the 40s

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  1. so true, I was just thinking about similar today, haunting for a coat for my daughter. even those clothes – sold in the mainstream stores, are trendy, at the expense of quality – from cheap fabrics that will make the coat look shaggy after a season and no one will wear it longer than that.

    • It makes me sad, especialy when you find something you really love the look and feel of and yet you know that you won’t be able to wear it for more than a year before it looks shabby! That’s why I am trying to get away from buying mainstream clothes and looking at more ways to make my own. I really need to learn how to knit! Your lovely gloves will look and feel wonderful for years to come!

  2. Happy knitting! I also think fewer, high quality graments and less attention to fads would be a big step forward for the planet.

    • It’s too bad more people don’t agree. But growing up in a throw away society I didn’t think about it till now, so maybe more people will start looking at what low quality, cheap clothing really costs.


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