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Slow Wardrobe

Lately I’ve been talking a lot about slow wardrobes, practical clothing in general and natural fibres.

I cleaned out my closet recently and comparatively have a minimal amount of clothes. Which is great! I know some women love a lot of choice and randomness thrown in but I really just prefer a couple comfortable, fantastic looking classics that work and that’s a wrap.

But I noticed that I seem to have some holes too. Things that I always seem to reach for that just don’t live in my closet or drawers.

Back when we were in Sturgeon we had reasonably cold winters. Not as cold as up here but cold enough. So I invested in some Icebreaker pieces. I’m wearing the baselayer and sweater right now. I wear the leggings anytime I step out of the house to -10 or worse. Awesome warmth. Though I did only get the 200’s. In retrospect, and had I known I was coming to Cochrane, I probably would have purchased the 260’s. Next time!

I also purchased this crazy cable sweater from Woolover’s in an amazing green colour that is my go to sweater from warmth. Gotta love British Wool!

Back to the wardrobe. I read a blog over at Colleterie “How to Track Your Wardrobe.” You should really check it out. She put a lot of work into it and if you like hard numbers to work with she helps you to get there.

So here’s a new project for 2013.

Wardrobe revamp.

Not spending a lot of money to fill the holes and sort everything out. Oooo and I got some new silk scarves from Dharma to try. Can’t wait to dye them up for you. They’re going to be beautiful!

And I have a stitching project started that I’m really excited about.

It’s going to be a pretty awesome year!

Hope you stick around and join all the fun!

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  1. My husband and I have been talking about revamping our whole family’s wardrobe and just having what we really need. Our motivation is to have less laundry and more storage space. Happy 2013!

    • Great idea! It’s funny that you can really make more work then you need to, ie: laundry. I remember my Mum getting after us as kids. “Don’t put it on the floor if it’s not dirty, and if it is dirty put it in the laundry basket and let me know where the spaghetti stain is please.” Just taking a little extra care of the few clothes you do have means a lot less maintenance and cleaning.
      Hope you get everything how you like it!


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