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No-Poo or the Shampoo Free Alternative

Shampoo alternatives recently caught my eye. In researching the idea many people seem to list “no poo” as a mostly a cost solution but I really think that’s the wrong way to look at it. The benefits are what are most important, not the cost.

What you may think of when you hear "shampoo free".

What you may think of when you hear “shampoo free”.

About a year and a half ago I started making my own soap and loved it. I would hate that horribly itchy feeling I got every time I got out of the shower with regular soap. It was as if my skin was so dry it would crack if I stretched it too far. And the scents would give me a headache. That just can’t be healthy.

 Northern Naturals Guest Soaps

My soap is all natural and as environmentally and animal friendly as possible. I chose not to use things like palm oil in it because of the Orangutans in Borneo and elsewhere. I also didn’t use “fragrance oils”. Seriously what does that even mean? Only essential oils went into my bars. And only natural colourants. Be careful of what people call natural in their advertisements – do a bit of research first. If it’s metallic green, I’m sorry there is absolutely no way that’s natural :)

My skin felt incredible and I will never go back to regular soap after this.

But then I started having issues with my scalp. It was super itchy and flaky and had little itchy bumps all over it but felt waxy and nasty at the same time. My hair looked fine but I was a little worried. I realized I had been taking great care of my skin and horrible care of my scalp.

My sister sent me a link to a “no poo” recipe for curly hair that she was interested in. I thought that looked pretty interesting but also slightly weird.

Not “washing” your hair?

So I did some research and, of course, this has been done for as long as humans have been around. Shampoo is really a very new thing compared to what people have used for centuries, if they bathed at all :)

So I thought I would try it. If it made my scalp feel better then that’s pretty sweet.

I am just starting out so here are some links I found for and against the idea just to give you as broad a perspective as possible.

See what you think and let me know in the comments. Is this something you have tried? Are you considering it? Never would consider it? Why?

Against Baking Soda and Vinegar and for Wen:

Against Wen:

Over a year of “no-poo”:

2 years of “no-poo”:

Almost 9 years “no-poo” and dyed. This is an amazing resource for more than just “no-poo” recipes. She has recipes for natural hairspray and extensive information:

Sorta Crunchy Why and How:

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  1. I’m doing this right now! Admittedly my hair is going through the gnarly right now but it’s got major volume and is super soft. There’s a pretty cool website that has a lot of info (besides this one:p)
    I like it!

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