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Too many projects on the brain.

Work room 020

Work room full of items without completion.

box of thread

Sitting here staring at them doesn’t make them move along.

dress with stitches, eco dyed cotton napkin

So many grey days in a row.

so this is Paris, the bag of many pieces

Someone said it’s spring.

I have a 12 foot snow pile in my front yard and my garden’s under 4 feet.

I don’t believe them.

eco dyed silk

Must stop looking and start working. 

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  1. Feeling exaxtly the same at the moment. It’s as if nature is holding its breath, refusing to wake up, and it’s contagious.

  2. I’m doing the very same thing, although there is not snow outside of my window. Just rain. I can’t be sorry though, because I just discovered your blog. Beautiful!

  3. Last Sunday it was 80 degrees. Today it is 38 degrees. This is what we call spring in St. Louis. I’m like a bear that doesn’t know if it’s time to come out of hibernation or not.

    • That sounds like impossible weather. My parents have no power because of a huge ice storm where they are and yesterday was beautiful and sunny, but -22. This is a strange spring.


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