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Artist’s Statement

Hello Friends

My name is Beth Janvrin and I live with my husband in a little white house in Northern Ontario. 

I have a wide variety of interests and hobbies and I particularally enjoy crafting comfortable, beautiful, useful clothing and learning, learning learning! Love for sewing, crocheting and, well, any variety of stitching really, started with my Grandmothers and was passed on to my Mum and me.  

Over the years my idea of “lovely” clothing was rather hard to find. Often I searched high and low for something and ended up making it to fit what I needed. 

Comfortable, classic clothes in well wearing, thought-free fabrics that are modest but still beautiful are far and few between or outrageously pricey. 

So started the idea of sool.

For the moment I’m working on creating the base materials to build into the clothing. I’m loving natural dyeing and ecobundles. What fun! Steaming or boiling? Iron, or copper, or alum mordant? Which leaves – pressed or fresh? The variety and beauty of eco dyeing constantly amazes me. I’m also interested in nuno felting. Just haven’t quite got there yet.

Hopefully, as I create you can give me tips and pointers and let me know what you think of the process and end result. Maybe you’ll want one of my pieces. Maybe you’ll tell me what you want me to make for you. Whatever happens, I hope you enjoy our journey and if I can make something that pleases you, and me, I think that’s pretty cool!


Natural fibers, classic pieces, eco dyed for you. 

Please enjoy


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  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog – I’m very glad to see yours, too. It’s not something I’ve written about yet, but I love knitting my own clothes. Mostly shirts and sweaters – but I have done a dress, too… Anyway, your crafting love is right up my alley! :)

  2. Hi there! I wanted to let you know that I love your blog and I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger award! You can find the link to the nomination at:
    Congrats and I look forward to reading more!

    • Thank you so much Marta. That is very kind of you!
      I will do my best to fulfill my role as Nominee and nominate some more lovely bloggers.
      Oh and that Rustic Vegetable Tart looks so good!


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