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Stitching Inspiration

I saw this gorgeous art quilt by Jane LaFazio on Pinterest the other day and it was instant inspiration. 

Art Quilt

Stitch Ritual by Jane LaFazio 60 x 24

In the blog about this particular quilt she spoke about her evening stitch ritual. I liked the sound of that.

I don’t know about you but every once in a while I really just want to hand stitch. Not a something either. More of an anything kind of thing.

So the idea of this super lovely quilt made me so happy. Over time she made all sorts of itty bitty quilts. Each unique to time and place and anythingness. Then later – deadline for her, intense desire to compile will be most likely for me -she puts them all together in random wonder and there you have it. A quilt.

The pointless creativity of it really appeals to me.

And don’t think pointless in a bad way. I have a habit sometimes of not “wasting” time on something if I cannot perceive it’s immediate value to me and mine or “the greater good and such”. I’m busy, as I am sure you are too, and so even if it may be enjoyable and something I like I probably should be doing the dishes/laundry/dusting/volunteer work etc instead of sitting in my creaky old chair twirling and stitching {more on the chair later or I’ll digress}. So the fact that this particular project doesn’t necessarily have to be made, is not necessarily going to be an item to sell in my right now mythical shop, that it will be made solely for fun and for absolutely no point has me squirming with glee.

While I was at my Mum and Dad’s for a relaxing weekend I started it with vintage thread from my Great Grandmother’s stash passed on to my Mum and now to me. Don’t you just love old wooden spools? I could kiss them I love them so much. Ok, maybe I did. Anyways. In keeping with last year’s ABDY it made perfectly logical sense that the first bitty bit would be a bird. I don’t know why I chose the Red-Bellied Woodpecker. I’ve only seen a Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker, which is nowhere close to the same thing. Hee hee, Yellow-Bellied. Doesn’t that make you happy?

He’s a bit fat and his head’s too small but I love him anyways. My sister says it’s looks like a pregnant bird that got shot, she didn’t realize he’s supposed to be red-bellied.

I don’t know what to call him. I once had a jade plant named Cyril that got too big for himself and fell apart and died. Maybe Cyril will work. There’s an over-large-for-their-own-good theme here. I haven’t edged him or interfaced him or anything yet so don’t laugh. And I don’t really know what I’m doing anyways.

But it is fun!

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Ecodyed Cotton 054



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Dear Readers and Friends,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your contributions so far. Your kind comments, information passed on, and encouragement have been very helpful.

As I’ve already mentioned we’re moving up North, so I’m taking a break as we pack all of our things and shift to a new adventure. Hopefully the blog will continue in September when everything has settled down and I’m sorted out. I can’t wait to actually start crafting the silk into something wearable, but, for the moment, that will have to wait.

Oh, and we’re up to 119 species if you’re interested.

We saw a Black Throated Blue Warbler while camping in Awenda.

So pretty!

And some incredible fungus or mushrooms. I don’t know what they are but that faint pink in the stems is stunning.

{So I did a little research and these are Monotropa Uniflora. They are a member, funny enough, of the blueberry family – Ericaceae. Not a fungus at all.}

See you in September

PS Make sure you check out the August 1 post. I have a surprise for you!

Day 4

Back at the CBW.

Cold Rain!

Not so pleasant!

Only one new bird today though Josh was positive he saw a bouncing bird in the bush. We tried to find it but it was gone.

  1. Common Merganzer


Day 3

Unfortunately we’re seeing a lot of the same birds now. Only a few new ones.

Went to the top of Cache Bay Wetlands today. At first we were more interested in the site of the old water tower to see if we could find some good rusty bits for mordanting and dyeing.

And we did!

Found some lovely hunks of rusty iron and a beautiful chunk of moss to take home and put in the garden.

But then we heard ducks and so headed over to the water’s edge.

Good thing we did

  1. Common Goldeneye

  2. Bufflehead

The birds were too far away but here are the rusty bits…and some snail shells 


Day 2

Second day of our BDY

  1. Song Sparrow

  2. Rock Pigeon

  3. Herring Gull

  4. Ringbilled Gull

  5. Northen Harrier



Our Big Demi Year has kicked off to a good start. Today we were down south visiting my parents and counted up 18 different birds, including a Northern Flicker flying through the trees on the shore of Lake Simcoe. Six or seven wild turkeys flew in front of the car and we saw a ring necked pheseant in someone’s front yard.

All in all a good day!


A Big Demi Year

Busy doing too many things at once!

My parents have challenged us to A Big Year with some of our friends which should be a very nice way to get outside and enjoy the lovely weather we are looking forward too, now that it looks like Spring may be arriving.

Didn’t get a chance to felt anything this weekend. Had a friend over and we were both just too tired with doing other things.

But I have been doing some more research.

Apparently the Cache Bay Wetlands, on Lake Nippissing, 5 minutes away from us are one of the best places to see lots of different water fowl during the Spring Migration.

There are, depending on where you look, just over 200 or just over 300 different species you could see in Ontario. Some of them were quite rare though so I doubt we’ll see those.

It’s a demi year because we’re starting late. March 21st – September 21st will be our time frame. My husband isn’t expecting too much. He says he’ll be happy to spot 50 different species but I’m hoping we get a higher number than that.

We’ll have to see.