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Coffee Dyed

Handmade cotton doilies Cotton doily Doily Coffee Doily Coffee dyed doilies Solar dyed cotton doily using coffee grounds Solar dyed with coffee Coffee dyed cotton doily Coffee dyed cotton Coffee dyed


Purple Plum














Crab Apple

Natural colour crab apple dye pink



Iron Mordant



Eco dyed, natural colour, no mordant




No mordant

Botanical Dye Project – Cotton. Part 2.

Cotton, alum mordant

Blueberry, crab apple, purple plum, coffee and cinnamon.

Cotton, eco dyed, alum mordanted. Purple plum, cinnamon, coffee, blueberryFree form cotton crochet.

Cotton, alum mordant

Top to bottom: Coffee, cinnamon, purple plum, crab apple, blueberry.

Cotton, alum mordant

Cinnamon, purple plum, blueberryCinnamon, purple plum, crab apple.

My Man’s Vest

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This vest is for my husband because we are moving farther North in September.

The wool came in the batch from my friend.

There were 3 spools of it, an odd mix of colours, but I though that the “bacon” and cream would go well together. I’ve saved the apple green for a vest for me that’s still in the making.

I couldn’t find a pattern I liked so I made it up as I went along. It’s not particularly fitted but I don’t think men’s vests are supposed to be. I’ve never been good at writing down as I’m crocheting. Sometimes that means that the right and left fronts of a sweater or vest don’t quite match but I’m sure I’ll get there on the precision one day.

The stitch is a fake basket weave, not crocheted behind and before the post but simply in the front or back loop alternating every 2 stitches. It’s crocheted in half-double stitches. I think that’s what they’re called. In between a single and a double. Anyways, I was using what I had and wasn’t sure I would get a complete garment but I did so I’m happy!


Vintage Crochet Sweater

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I finished up this sweater and thought I would share it with you.

I don’t usually like the way my crochet work turns out – funny fit, just plain rotten, you know.

This, however, was different.

A friend gave me an assortment of yarns including this vintage find.

At first I thought it was some sort of wool :)

Not up on my German!

It is a cotton/viscose blend.

The pattern is from Antique

I did something a little different with the sleeves because I wanted them 3/4 length and I never like the way the sleeves turn out in most of these patterns. I built them from the finished edge up into the armhole, fitting as I went and they turned out well.