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Ecodyed – Art Top

Ecodyed - Art Top

raw silk eco dyed top, one of a kind – red2white


The Market

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The Market

Coffee Dyed

Handmade cotton doilies Cotton doily Doily Coffee Doily Coffee dyed doilies Solar dyed cotton doily using coffee grounds Solar dyed with coffee Coffee dyed cotton doily Coffee dyed cotton Coffee dyed

Washed Purple Plum

Purple Plum

I’m amazed at how green the purple plum stayed. It seems to be a pretty solid dye. We’ll see how well it lasts though. 

Eco Dyed Cotton purple plum dyebath Eco Dyed Men's Cotton Shirt

Washed Cotton

Blueberry Eco Dyed Cotton

Some of the blueberry dyed cotton shirts after washing. It was hard to get a really good shot of the colour. Definitely much more blue then red purple. But I think that’s because I washed them in the machine and town water is full of chlorine. The red purple probably would have stayed if I had washed it in distilled water. 

Eco bundled with wild blueberry Eco Dyed Men's Cotton Shirts Blueberry Dye Bath Alum mordanted cotton with blueberry dyebath

Botanical Stitching

Floral embroidery using vintage darning thread on crab apple eco dyed cotton. 

Floral Embroidery using vintage cotton darning thread Stitching and Dyeing 029 Stitching and Dyeing 030 Stitching and Dyeing 031

A great way to reuse my husband’s lovely white cotton shirts when the collar finally gives out. 

Red Currants

More stitching on cotton for the quilt of many pieces. 

Good memories are involved with this piece. I copied it {not perfectly} from a hand coloured print by George Brookshaw found in his Pomona Britannica.

But it’s the red currants that are tied to happy childhood memories. 

Red Currants

My sister, 3 years younger, would spend hours and hours sitting in front the currant bushes at the end of our lawn picking them off one by one. She was always little compared to me, much more delicate in build. I remember her face, with her scrunched up little nose when she smiled, as she brought her little bowl in. 

Stitching and Dyeing 008

We had white and red currants.

I don’t remember eating them.

Maybe because they were her special treat after all the time it took her to pick them. There were never enough to dry or harvest for baking. So they remained hers, the spoils of her toil. 

Stitching and Dyeing 025

I love the red of this particular thread. It looks juicy.

With -40 outside, without the windchill, it’s nice to have lovely summer memories. 

Stitching and Dyeing 036

My sister, and currants.