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Coffee Dyed

Handmade cotton doilies Cotton doily Doily Coffee Doily Coffee dyed doilies Solar dyed cotton doily using coffee grounds Solar dyed with coffee Coffee dyed cotton doily Coffee dyed cotton Coffee dyed


The Market

Hand dyed using wild blueberry juice.

Here is the first addition to The Market, my brand new little shop.

Wild Blueberries and Cream is a gorgeous crepe de chine silk scarf, lovingly dyed and prepared for you.

Silk Scarves

Crepe de Chine scarves in the window, utilizing the sun for solar dyeing.

Stitching and Dyeing 009

Stitching and Dyeing 017

Above: Red and yellow onions skins wrapped tightly in the scarf and then stuffed into a Mason jar.

Below: Pomegranate to the right. Cranberry to the left.

Stitching and Dyeing 018 Stitching and Dyeing 010 Stitching and Dyeing 011 Stitching and Dyeing 012 Stitching and Dyeing 013

Washed Purple Plum

Purple Plum

I’m amazed at how green the purple plum stayed. It seems to be a pretty solid dye. We’ll see how well it lasts though. 

Eco Dyed Cotton purple plum dyebath Eco Dyed Men's Cotton Shirt

Washed Cotton

Blueberry Eco Dyed Cotton

Some of the blueberry dyed cotton shirts after washing. It was hard to get a really good shot of the colour. Definitely much more blue then red purple. But I think that’s because I washed them in the machine and town water is full of chlorine. The red purple probably would have stayed if I had washed it in distilled water. 

Eco bundled with wild blueberry Eco Dyed Men's Cotton Shirts Blueberry Dye Bath Alum mordanted cotton with blueberry dyebath

Purple Plum














Crab Apple

Natural colour crab apple dye pink



Iron Mordant



Eco dyed, natural colour, no mordant




No mordant

Botanical Dye Project – Cotton. Part 2.

Cotton, alum mordant

Blueberry, crab apple, purple plum, coffee and cinnamon.

Cotton, eco dyed, alum mordanted. Purple plum, cinnamon, coffee, blueberryFree form cotton crochet.

Cotton, alum mordant

Top to bottom: Coffee, cinnamon, purple plum, crab apple, blueberry.

Cotton, alum mordant

Cinnamon, purple plum, blueberryCinnamon, purple plum, crab apple.

New Project

I’m really excited to start a new dyeing project with cotton.

I started this afternoon, but, of course, forgot to take pictures while working.

I’ll have to remember to take some tomorrow when there’s good natural light. Oh and we saw a snow goose today. So exciting! That’s bird #126.


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The colour wasn’t quite as strong as I would have liked so I soaked it overnight in the dye bath. I wasn’t sure if this would wreck the prints at all.

Fortunately when I pulled it out the next morning everything was still quite clear.

Amazingly enough the ferns, that I thought had disappointed me by not printing, showed up after the soak.

Leaving it to hang where there was indirect sunlight also might have helped.

The colours shift and morph with the light.

It’s beautiful to watch. 

My Favourite Picture So Far

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Little berries from the vine on our house – name unknown – wild rose leaves, purple smoke bush, maybe some purple sancherry.

I think the berry prints are absolutely incredible, so perfect!



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I wanted a little more colour with this piece so I added 2 frozen purple irises and a whack load of dried oregano to the already murky iron bath from the last silk bundle boil.

I love how the string stripes the outer edge of the fabric.

Coral Bell’s leaf print.

Wild Rose, Purple Smokebush, Faint Coral Bell’s and the greeny one I think was a Purple Sandcherry leaf. Funny that it went green and not purpley. I have no idea why but it’s pretty cool!

The Boiled One

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So far I’ve been steaming all of my eco bundles.

But then the wonderful Monika of Red2White suggested boiling them to actually get proper leaf prints.

I was a little sceptical of boiling to start with because when I was dyeing with the different flowers I didn’t want to get muddled brown. I wanted distinct colour impressions.


But for leaf prints, I realized, I wanted the shape and texture not really the colour so much so it didn’t matter if it got muddled.


I had pressed some leaves and gathered fresh ones and laid them out on a 2 yard piece of flat crepe that I had.

There was a wonderful dark, left over, liquid from previous steamings in the dye pot. I topped this up with water and boiled some big rusty bits in it for a while and then took all but one out.

The crepe was bundled and wrapped tight with string and then popped into the murky muddle for about 3 1/2 – 4 hours. I don’t remember exactly.

It turned out wonderfully!

Close up of maple leaf

Close up of rose leaves and smoke bush leaves